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Cinco de Mayo

Posted: 4.5.2023 by The Crafty Vintner

Cinco de Mayo


May 5th is celebrated globally as Cinco de Mayo, a day commemorating the Mexican Army’s victory in a battle with the French Empire in 1862. Nowadays, the date is used to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage all over the world, with celebrations featuring Mexican food and drink. Here at Crafty we stock a range of Mexican beverages including beers, mezcals and tequilas – perfect for your Fiesta! 










Mexican beers are among some of the best in the world and are perfect for your more casual Cinco  de Mayo celebrations – especially at a late spring BBQ, in  a garden with the sun shining.


A delicate, herbaceous hop profile gives way to a richer palate with notes of honey, subtle malt, and maize, buoyed by lively carbonation and punctuated with a crisp finish.



A Mexican pilsner style beer with refreshing taste, best enjoyed with a wedge of lime.




Mezcal is a distilled spirit made from the agave plant that is steeped in Mexican heritage – the  perfect fit for any Cinco de Mayo Fiesta.

Dangerous Don Mandarina

A fruity mandarin-infused mezcal, Mandarina is double distilled and steeped with freshly-peeled fruit for a day before a third and final distillation. This mezcal is a fantastic balance of juicy agave and zesty mandarin. The palate offers notes of sweet agave, green grass, soft smoke and tangy mandarin that linger in the finish.


Quiquiriqui Matalan

An Espadin, Joven mezcal that is a spectacular starter drink for those looking to get into the traditional spirit. With sweet, vegetal notes with earthy elements and stone fruits, wrapped up in a bonfire smoke with a sprinkling of black pepper. 




Perhaps Mexico’s most famous export, tequila is a type of mezcal made from the blue weber agave  plant. The two we have selected here are among the most premium we have in stock, reserved for  the most special of Cinco de Mayo celebrations. 

Gran Patron Piedra Tequila

Smooth and long-lasting with aromas of fresh fruit & mushroom with hints of toasted French oak. A fine balance of sweet yet complex flavours of agave, vanilla & mushroom.


Jose Cuervo 250th Aniversario Tequila

A limited edition super premium tequila from Jose Cuervo. 100% blue agave Extra Anejo tequila blended from the most selected tequilas in the family's reserve.


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